What can be upgraded?

When you choose what to upgrade on a computer, you start by deciding what you want the upgrade to accomplish.

For example, if you’re looking to increase the speed of your computer, you could consider a memory upgrade. Memory is one of the most common, cost effective, speed increasing upgrades. Though recently, Solid State Drives have given some older computers a massive speed boost. The price is right, upgrade to SSD!

If you’re still looking for more speed and you upgraded to SSD, it might be time to rebuild your computer.

Time to Upgrade?

Most computer technicians will tell you that a 3-year-old computer that hasn’t been upgraded is too out of date and should be trashed. That’s not always true. We take many steps to find your best computer solution.

  • Evaluate your computer usage
  • Cost of upgrade
  • Would upgrading the current system require buying old technology parts?
  • Your plans.
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