System rebuilding consists of replacing certain components inside of a computer that are responsible for the speed of the system. Most of the parts in a computer built-in the past 3-5 years can be reused, and do not affect the speed or performance of the system.

For example, CD-ROM Drives, Floppy Drives, Monitors, etc. Having your system rebuilt is a great way to increase performance which makes this approach ideal for people who want the speed of the fastest systems available for half the price.

Must Replace
  • Motherboard
  • Processor (CPU)
  • Memory
Sometimes Reusable
  • Video Card
  • Hard Disk Drive
  • Solid State Drive
  • Case / Power Supply
  • DVD-RW Drive
Typically Reusable
  • Monitor
  • Speakers
  • Printer
  • Scanner
  • Keyboard/Mouse

How much do I save?

Consumers who rebuild a their computers save close to $500.00 due to reusing parts you already own that are not related to the speed of your computer. In general, Advanced Micro Technologies urges it’s customers to rebuild their computers vs. buying a whole new system.

More than 20 years of experience in the industry has shown that buying an inexpensive computer with generic parts can be more expensive then investing in quality parts by the best name brand manufacturers.  Quality systems last on average 5 or more years and can be easily upgraded.

Why buy computer parts that you already have? Save your money and call us!